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DQS is an innovative Vietnamese company, developing environmental friendly and sustainable products from algae.

We partner and collaborate with international leading companies and institutes to enfold the full potentials of algae on solving the challenges of the future.

DQS is actively seeking for partners on the mission to build a sustainable future.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step


  • Spirulina filament
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Why micro-algae?

In coming decades the world will need huge amounts of food to support a fast growing population. This will put increasing pressure on the environment, agricultural land, fisheries, aquaculture, and supplies of fresh water. Supplies of conventional protein and nutrients will struggle to keep up with growth in demand and all of these requirements will need to be produced in environmentally and socially responsible ways.
Mirco-Algae hold great promise as a source of low carbon energy for all the essential vitamins and minerals a body requires.

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Utilizing one of the most common natural plants


Renewable protein and mineral source

Prepare for future

The future-proof living with Algae


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