What is Spirulina?

Simply put, spirulina is a micro-algae. And it's one of the most nutrient-dense, plant-based sources of protein on the planet. Spirulina products are available in the fresh, dried and frozen state, which the fresh paste spirulina is it's most natural form. Spirulina can be consumed in an entirely new way as a 100% raw, fresh paste -- in this form, spirulina is the most powerful supplement available on the market.

One tablespoon full of spirulina contains:

Heath benefits

  • strengthens the immune system, thanks to the antiviral action of Spirulina it has an immunostimulating function;
  • increases physical endurance and muscle development, due to the presence of proteins and mineral salts in particular such as magnesium and potassium;
  • Spirulina is a natural source of iron, bioavailable thanks to the presence of vitamin C, about 10mg/100g
  • promotes concentration and memory due to the presence of phosphorus
  • it has a prebiotic function as it helps to develop lactic bacteria that are beneficial for the rebalancing of the intestinal flora, therefore it is ideal after taking antibiotics;
  • it is useful in the diet aimed at weight loss or in low-calorie regimens, since it inhibits the sensation of hunger;
  • strengthens bones because it contains calcium;
  • it has an anti-aging function thanks to the presence of antioxidants and vitamin A;


Protein is an important component of every cell in the body. Hair and nails are mostly made of protein. Protein is an important building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood. Unlike fat and carbohydrates, the body does not store protein, and therefore has no reservoir to draw on when it needs a new supply. 74% of fresh paste Spirulina algae consist of complete, raw protein that delivers 18 of the 20 amino acids needed for almost every function in the human body. Calorie for calorie, fresh Spirulina contains 3x more protein than meat


Diets rich in antioxidants repair and prevent cellular damage, which contributes to a wide range of illnesses and diseases. Fresh Spirulina contains 8x more antioxidants than blueberries and 25x more beta-carotene than carrots.
Raw and living foods contain antioxidants which reduce free radical damage and help us age gracefully. Many phytonutrients also act as antioxidants. Antioxidants counteract the damaging effects of “free radicals.” Raw fresh Spirulina contains many powerful living antioxidants such as the phytonutrient of Carotenoids: lutein, and zeaxanthin present in macular pigments whose importance is health of the eye.


Human bodies require a diverse amount of vitamins and minerals for everyday function. Vitamins have different jobs–helping you resist infections, keeping your nerves healthy, and helping your body get energy from food or your blood to clot properly. The best way to get the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients you need isn’t with a shopping spree at your local drug or “health” store. Go directly to the source, whole plant based living foods. Just only 20g of fresh paste Spirulina contains every vitamin in the B group, 24x more vitamin E than strawberries, 10x more calcium than milk, 3x more iron than spinach and 4x more potassium than bananas.