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Our Company

DQS is an innovative Vietnamese company, developing environmental friendly and sustainable products from algae.
We partner and collaborate with international leading companies and institutes to enfold the full potentials of algae on solving the challenges of the future

The Middle of Vietnam is blessed with year-round sun light and warm climate, but that potential has yet to be turned in to a momentum for growing in the region. At DQS, we are using the full potential of the strong sun-light to sustainable cultivate micro-algae, in this case spirulina. This algae is called the Super Food by NASA and the FAO, it provides antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and other essential amino acids. The protein content of spirulina is much higher than beef and other crops, and the entirely harvest can be used, unlike other fruit and vegetable crops where root, stem, and leaf systems are all by-products. Only algae offer scale-able solutions for the humanity requirement in the near future.

At DQS, we are continuously researching for the most efficient way to cultivate micro-algae, because we believe the full potential of micro-algae is still not yet fully discovered. We believes that algae have a bright future. To meet current and future demand, there’s need for affordable low energy and low labor intensive, hygienic, scalable, easy to use, stable and robust cultivation systems.




With the desire to provide our customers with the superfood spirulina with all its health-beneficial properties, we at DQS believe the fresh spirulina is the most suitable form for that purpose. Our definition of the word fresh is exactly what you should expect it to be. There's no bad smell or taste, and we are confident this is the highest quality Spirulina you've ever used.
For the longer storing time and convenient of use, we also provide the dried Spirulina in form of sprinkle of powder.


We can perform different types of laboratory or pilot experiments such as trial-run, selection and optimization of cultivation processes.
We also offer tailor-cut courses on micro-algae cultivation, to provide an in-sight look into the micro-algae business, hand-on operation of a micro-algae production facility.
As micro-algae business is still in a quick development pace, the DQS team are open for all new ideas and proposal. Please share with use your ideas.

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